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Melee Enemy
Item Statistics
Health Undecided
Defense Undecided
Attack Undecided
Base Damage Undecided
Total Damage Undecided

This is Shadiaz, the next enemy that you may face after Chromaz. It's most recommended that you defeat Chromaz, as he drops important stuff for this battle.

Recommended Gear

Item Reason
Versilyte Armour This is pretty much the only thing ( Except for higher tier armor ) to protect you from his attacks.
Super Speedy Potion This is almost like Chromaz, but instead he is slightly faster, so you wanna bring a better potion.
Chromasalite Crusher This is why I reminded you why you should defeat Chromaz before you challenge Shadiaz. Only Chromaz drops this weapon, and it's pretty much the decent weapon you need when facing this guy.


Make sure you have all your buffs equipped, along with your armor. When he spawns, purple lightning strikes around him. So you have to run so you don't get struck down. After it's over, make sure you start running, because his first move is lunging at you and trying to attack. Once THAT'S over, you will proceed the fight like normal.

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